Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sissy Clitty Cumslut Facial

Amai Liu knows what you and your little clitty needs. She understands than in the deep and dark corners of your mind there's the need to humiliated, like the sissy bitch you are.

Hello my little sissy cum slut. First I want you to get all dolled up. Make yourself look like a complete slut for me. I just love a sexy sissy. I want you to be the prettiest little cumslut of them all. Now we can have some fun! Go look at yourself in the mirror, lol. I want you to go take a before a picture. Before what? Just you wait…

Now take out your little clitty and I want you to start playing with yourself. Lay down and rub your two fingers on your dick just like it were an actual clit. A little faster now. I want you moaning like a bitch. Louder! Use your free hand and run it all over your sexy body. Treat yourself like the whore that you are. Throw your legs up in the air like a slut and keep rubbing your itty bitty clitty....see more at Humiliation POV

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